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1st Coachella and not the last

It surpassed all expectations.

Wow, where to begin? The crew arrived at the beautiful La Quinta Resort late Thursday night after a 4 hour drive from Isla Vista.

La Quinta Resort Car Lot

Dave and I had bought an “all-access Empire Pass” for $300 from a guy in a shady van in a dark alley outside of a gay bar.  More on that later. Stoked on the supposed all-access pass, I proceeded to sell my legitimate coachella ticket on craigslist to the highest bidder. Sold for $600 to a guy who drove out from Chicago.  Because I had bought my legitimate pass for $280 earlier that week, it turns out that I was actually paid to go to Coachella!

-$300 empire pass – $280 regular pass = -$580  …     -$580+$600 from Chicago guy = $20.  I got paid $20 to go to coachella.


Breakfast consisted of poolside Negro Modelos and a costco size bag of dorittos.

One of the many La Quinta Party Tubs

Because Dave and I had an “all-access” pass we had to use a special entrance on the backside of the venue.  We later found out that our passes were counterfeit and the “special back entrance” was the only one watched over by a bribed security guard.

We arrived at the Polo Fields around 1pm.  It’s “an alien dance party” of sorts according to Dave.  Lots of ‘ers.’  Hipsters, ravers, acid takers, rock n’ rollers.

By recommendation of Kevin, I made my way over to the legendary  Sahara Tent for Proxy, who did not disappoint.  A few sets later, Pretty Lights absolutely destroyed everyone beneath the Sahara.

We then made our way to the main stage for Jay Z, who has to be one of the best performers alive because he put on a very memorable show.


Saturday at the outdoor stage was epic. Edward Sharpe & the Manson Family, Hot Chip, MGMT and The XX.

These guys were unreal.

Then it was off to see Bassnectar.  Sorry if you couldn’t make it. Truly sorry.  The sweet irony was that most of the crowd didn’t know where their minds were:

No one else seemed to like MGMT’s set besides me and Matt.  Maybe it was we were on volume 11 but anyway I’m stoked I got to see them.

btw can you believe this thing is a tent and not a warehouse?

Tiesto was whatever to finish off the night.


By Sunday the festival organizers had caught on to the fake all-access pass scam and the bribed security guard was not at special entrance.  Therefore I had to sneak in.  Three hours later I was able to get in and ran over to Sahara for Club 75.

club 75 allstars

Phoenix also put on an amazing show that night.

The worst part about Coachella is that it ends.  It’s a bummer that we all have to wait another whole year for Coachella 2011.

Some hopefuls for next year. Bowie Ziggy Stardust, Outkast, Klaxons, Empire of the Sun, NYPC, Van Morrison. Ofcourse it all depends upon whether or not they release new material or are on tour.


Best Act = Tied between Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, and ES & The Magnetic Zeros

Biggest Let Down = Yann Tiersen

Best Day= Saturday

Best Stage = Outdoor & Sahara

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Time Flies

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