"Celebreality" Shows

An episode of VH1’s Daisy of Love was on the t.v. today. . . I hope it never is again.  VH1 has been pumping out these shows of what they call “Celebreality.”  Usually some C-list hollywood producer takes a washed-up 80’s celebrity and puts them on their own show that somehow has to do with dating.  You may have heard of these shows: A Shot of Love with Tequila Tilli, Rock of Love, For the Love of Ray-J, I Love New York etc.  

Since when does being a myspace sensation make you a celebrity anyway?

I think most people watch these shows for couple of seconds, get a quick laugh, and then move on to another channel.  In no way do they provide of any form of entertainment.  In fact, I believe the FCC should impose sanctions upon shows of this nature because of their tendencies to dumb down their audience.  There is no better way to waste 30 minutes of your life than to watch 20 low-lifes try to win a date with a poster-child for plastic surgery. So the next time you wander upon one of VH1’s shows, ask yourself what else you could do for the next 30 minutes that would actually stimulate your mind and be beneficial to your life. 
I hope I have not sounded too harsh on those people who watch these shows or make them, but this is really how I feel.


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