Bicycle Friendly Cities

Ever since moving away to college I have virtually stopped driving.  First, in NYC the subway was my chosen mode of transportation.  Quick, east, cheap, eco-friendly and always amusing, the NYC has its own culture and vibe.  I always looked forward to a good cross town trip on the subway.  Now I am living in Santa Barbara and commuting to the city college here.  The bus is the most efficient way of getting between downtown SB and Isla Vista.  A bus pass is included with tuition and runs every 30 minutes to school and back.  It is very convenient and gives me time to finish up some homework or read a book because I don’t have to do any driving!  

THE UCSB bike path
Me biking on the UCSB campus
Bicycles are for short trips in Isla Vista: to go surfing, run to the store, to go study at the UCSB library or for getting to a friends house.  Bicycles are everywhere in IV, in fact, stolen bicycles account for 90% of Isla Vista’s crime rate.  Nearly every street in IV has a bike line and a bike path runs through the UC campus.  
I wish more cities could be bike friendly like IV.  What is better than a fast, simple, human powered machine?  I don’t think L.A. will ever make this list but there is always hope.
Grab a helmet and check out these 15 pedal heavens, where drivers have actually been known to use all five fingers when they wave at you.

Check out the cities that made the list. 

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